ITSD's Research

ITSD’s research delves into the seams and addresses the evolution of cyberspace. ITSD researchers are acutely aware of how the rapid expansion of cyber-related technologies affects society, which enables them to perform technology assessments and evaluate information environments to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities while strengthening operational advantages. In particular, ITSD focuses on advising DoD on critical cyber policy issues, assessing advanced concepts in rapidly evolving technologies while identifying and analyzing the attendant cyber risks, analyzing the cyber workforce and developing education and training programs, and using world-class content understanding skills to analyze and use large data collections.

ITSD’s major research areas include:

  • Securing the cyber supply chain/cybersecurity: Responding to evolving technology and business practices and examining their impact on weapons systems
  • Cybersecurity for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and the government as a whole: Anticipating and responding to interdependencies among stakeholders with national security interests
  • Information sharing and content understanding: Developing a means for sponsors to access, share, understand, and trust information
  • Cyber/IT operations and strategy: Anticipating and assessing disruptive technologies and concepts for cyberspace and IT
  • Cyber science and technology: Discovering and creating next-generation technologies for the national security community, including Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA)
Margaret Myers introduces Lt Gen Michael J. Basla (USAF) to a Cyber Seminar audience
ITSD Researchers

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