Portrait of James R. Marrs
James R. Marrs

In today’s increasingly dynamic and interconnected world, the Global Dynamics and Intelligence (GDI) Division delivers timely, expert analysis on challenging and sensitive national security questions for U.S. government sponsors.

Our Team

GDI is an agile team of cleared researchers with deep analytical expertise and broad on-the-ground experience in government, the military, and intelligence.

Our Work

GDI leverages cross-functional teams to deliver contextualized solutions to the pressing and strategic challenges facing the U.S. and its allies and partners. As one of the nation’s most trusted partners, we address the leading issues raised in the National Defense Strategy: countering China, Russia, and emerging threats from technology. From assessing competition in the Arctic to evaluating the militarization of space, we tailor approaches and products to meet each sponsor’s specific analytical needs. Our qualified team of researchers and former government and intelligence officials renders objective analyses in state-of-the-art secure facilities. We support an array of offices across the whole of government, particularly agencies within the defense and intelligence communities. GDI features three geostrategic research portfolios: the Indo-Pacific, Russia and Eurasia, and Africa, as well as a fourth in Intelligence and Security.

Our Sponsors

GDI can work with a range of U.S. government and related agency sponsors. If you have questions, please get in touch at GDI-info@ida.org. For more information about sponsoring work at the IDA Systems and Analyses Center, visit https://www.ida.org/research-and-publications/research/sac-sponsor-research.