IDA Hosts Future of Defense Management Reform Symposium

Birds-eye view of Pentagon Building Birds-eye view of Pentagon Building

Register now for IDA’s September 21 symposium on defense management reform! Former Deputy Secretaries of Defense Bob Work and Dave Norquist, along with expert panels on acquisition reform, financial management, and personnel reform. Limited slots are available for in-person attendance (due to COVID restrictions). Participants can also opt to attend virtually.

IDA to Host 2022 Connections Wargaming Conference

person wargaming person wargaming

IDA will host the 2022 Connections Wargaming Conference on July 26–29, 2022. This in-person event will be held at our future headquarters’ location in the City of Alexandria’s high-tech Potomac Yard corridor.

RAMF-SM Assesses Risk to Rare Earth Magnet Supply Chain (IDA Research Summary) RAMF-SM Assesses Risk to Rare Earth Magnet Supply Chain (IDA Research Summary)

This document summarizes an IDA assessment of rare earth permanent magnets (REPMs) done in support of the National Defense Stockpile Program's 2017 Biennial Report to Congress on Stockpiling Requirements. The assessment involved in-depth research into various aspects of REPMs: technology, supply chain, current and predicted supply and demand, and uses in critical defense systems. The result is a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of the macroeconomic, military, and strategic dependence of the United States on the global REPM industry.