IDA Ideas Podcast Shorts on DATAWorks Conference

DATAWorks cover graphic DATAWorks cover graphic

IDA is hosting DATAWorks 2022 in its Potomac Yard facility. IDA Ideas host Rhett Moeller is getting a first-hand account from staff about their experiences as an attendee. Visit IDA Ideas to listen to the three podcast shorts, which will be added as available.

Researchers Coauthor ‘Assessing the Russian Army Performance After One Week of War’

Map of first week of Ukraine invasion Map of first week of Ukraine invasion

Taft Blackburn, Keith Detwiler and Alex Shykov coauthored “Assessing the Russian Army Performance After One Week of War,” published in RealClearDefense. The authors offer initial considerations on the Russian military’s planning, integration of key enablers, maneuver and tactical proficiency after one week to explain some key shortcomings.

IDA Health Watch — Issue 3

Document cover image Document cover image

In this issue of IDA Health Watch, John E. Whitley, former acting secretary of the Army, reveals his thoughts on reform of the Military Health System. Other topics include opportunities to advance the Defense Department's mission, resilience and readiness with overseas biomedical laboratories; TRICARE program reforms in the fiscal year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act; and how new legislation will help combat fraud and abuse in defense health care programs.

Award Lays Tracks for ktrain Award Lays Tracks for ktrain

The 2016 Larry D. Welch Award winner for best external publication was the short computer science paper titled “Mining Measured Information from Text,” by IDA researchers Arun S. Maiya, Dale Visser, and Andrew Wan. The paper was the first and only computer science publication to date to win the Welch Award. In this summary, Maiya and Visser reflect upon MQSearch, the method they developed to effectively extract measured quantities from text. MQSearch was one in an ongoing series of machine-learning tools developed to aid researchers, the most recent being the ktrain library.