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Intelligence Analyses Division

Portrait of James R. Marrs
James R. Marrs

The Intelligence Analyses Division (IAD) delivers objective solutions to the toughest intelligence problems facing the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. IAD’s work ranges from cross-cutting assessments of the intelligence ecosystem, to comprehensive intelligence analyses, to deep technical reviews of classified programs and systems. Our core team of intelligence professionals have excelled as intelligence-focused leaders, strategists, evaluators, practitioners, and academics within government and industry, and are adept at leveraging the vast breadth and depth of technical expertise across IDA.

Additionally, we apply extraordinary knowledge focused on three geostrategic regions: China; Russia; and Africa. Our team of regional and functional experts excel at helping decisionmakers objectively understand strategic options and implications in ways that can only be offered by those who possess a broad appreciation for the strategic and technological forces at play while having lived the problem set for the majority of their professional lives.

Housed in a state-of-the-art sensitive compartmented information facility, IAD researchers have access to information technology systems and data needed to conduct the sensitive work of IAD sponsors.