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Intelligence Analyses Division

Portrait of James R. Marrs
James R. Marrs
The Intelligence Analyses Division (IAD), SAC’s newest division, provides the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and other Cabinet Departments with objective, high-quality, responsive research and analyses across a wide array of critical intelligence issues and disciplines. IAD research includes highly technical analyses of intelligence collection architectures to analyses of ongoing activities across Africa. Wherever the U.S. government has an interest globally, IAD assembles subject matter experts to provide all-source analyses to U.S. decision makers. Specific examples of support to our national security include research in the following vital areas:
  • Countering terrorism, including how terrorist organizations are financed; examining issues unique to Asian counterterrorism; and following developments in improvised explosive devices worldwide.
  • New technology, such as the use of tagging, tracking, and locating (TTL) systems, including the ability to defeat such systems, and measurement and signals intelligence (MASINT) applications, which deal with metric, angle, spatial, wavelength, time dependence, modulation, plasma, and hydromagnetic data.
  • Surprise technology – unanticipated technologies that might be employed against the U.S. by adversaries as the result of either scientific breakthroughs or novel applications of existing technologies.
  • Cyberspace operations – tracking, analyzing, and countering digital security threats and identifying and tracking those developing, selling, and using cyber weapons on a global basis.

Housed in a state of the art sensitive compartmented information facility, IAD researchers have access to information technology systems and data needed to conduct the sensitive work of IAD sponsors.

From political science, history, economics and anthropology to physics and mathematics, IAD researchers address a diverse set of key questions in support of our sponsors. Our researchers are leaders in intelligence, foreign affairs, law enforcement, security and risk management, cyber operations, counterterrorism analyses, and banking and finance.  IAD has award-winning statisticians, a former U.S. Ambassador and intelligence community senior leaders.  Our experience working real world issues combined with advanced academic credentials combine to offer our sponsors with unique and well received support for their most important challenges.

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