Research Environment

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Providing our sponsors with good research and analyses requires good people. And good people seek an environment in which they can thrive and grow. IDA management is dedicated to nurturing that environment. In all of our three FFRDCs, you will find:

  • A community of people who share a commitment to intellectual honesty, public service, and mutual respect.
  • Intellectually challenging questions of real-world importance. IDA is not an ivory tower, but an important contributor to contemporary national decision-making.
  • Talented colleagues who work collaboratively together. We try to staff each task or project with the right people for the job, regardless of seniority or home organizational unit. While most collaboration occurs as our researchers use their disparate skills to attack specific problems, we also support formal mechanisms (such as cross-division working groups) when the informal process is insufficient.
  • Excellent research tools, ranging from an extensive library (with electronic access to more than 130 major digital resources from all major publishers and 85,000 e-books) to a sophisticated computer and network environment at both the classified and unclassified level.
  • The opportunity to explore new ideas and acquire new skills. We have a robust Internal Research & Development Program to allow the research staff to delve into new areas, develop analytic tools, and transform some of their IDA work into books and articles for external publication. We also offer a number of traditional professional development opportunities.
  • A determination to be aware of important developments in the world outside IDA. Sometimes we go to the world: our researchers are encouraged to remain current and active in their disciplines, participate in professional meetings and conferences, and publish in the open literature. Sometimes we bring the world to IDA, inviting senior government officials to visit or asking academic and industrial leaders to speak at IDA or serve on panels.