Technology Transfer and Commercialization Landscape of the Federal Laboratories

June, 2011
IDA document: ida-nsp-4728
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Type: Documents
Mary Elizabeth Hughes, Susannah Vale Howieson, Gina K. Walejko, Nayanee Gupta, Seth Jonas, Ashley T. Brenner, Dawn L. Holmes, Edward H. Shyu, Stephanie S. Shipp See more authors
While the topic of technology transfer from the federal laboratories has been studied at length by academic researchers, many of the studies were completed before 2000, and substantial changes have occurred since then in the national and global economic landscape. Furthermore, past studies examined a small subset of agencies' laboratories, minimizing the broad range of technology transfer. This study encompasses a literature review, discussions with technology transfer personnel at federal agencies and laboratories, and stakeholders at other organizations. From these discussions, we gained an understanding of technology transfer and commercialization activities at the laboratories, identified perceived barriers to technology transfer, and uncovered strategies with potential for overcoming these barriers.