Expediting the Transfer of Technology from Government Laboratories into the Aeronautics Industry

February, 2013
IDA document: P-4952
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Bhavya Lal, Sherrica S. Holloman, Rob Mahoney, Christopher A. Martin, Kristen A. Koopman, Richard P. Hallion, Sally A. Rood See more authors
The leadership of the Aeronautics Science and Technology Subcommittee (ASTS) of the Committee on Technology of the National Science and Technology Council requested that the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI) examine what the ASTS can do to help accelerate the transition of Federal aeronautics research and development (R&D) products in a manner that promotes U.S. national security, jobs growth, and economic competitiveness. Using a combination of literature review, surveys of stakeholders and interviews, STPI provided ASTS and OSTP with ten recommendations, which, if implemented, could help strengthen the nation’s aeronautics enterprise. Recommendations relate to the goals of improved implementation of strategic plans (stronger reflection of strategic plans in activities, better opportunities for industry to provide input and feedback); better communication and coordination across stakeholders (better access of government to industry IR&D, better design and use of PPPs, guidance related to WTO ruling), technology maturation (better use of T&E, incorporation of private sector practices in government-funded technology development), and elimination of “fog and friction” barriers (engagement between government and industry with respect to intellectual property, incentives to promote culture change at laboratories, and use of meaningful metrics).