Evaluation of National Science Foundation's Research Experience and Mentoring Program

September, 2022
IDA document: D-33085
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Type: Documents
Lara L. Rubinyi, Logan M. Pratico, Vernon K. Dunn, Asha Balakrishnan See more authors
In 2011, the National Science Foundation's Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) program began offering a supplemental funding opportunity for grantees called Research Experiences in Mentoring (REM) with the explicit goal of increasing and improving the engagement of students in the research experiences. In 2018, the Engineering Research Centers (ERC) followed suit and offered the supplement as well. The Science and Technology Policy Institute was asked to conduct an evaluation of the REM program on a diverse set of research participants (RPs) which included high school students, community college students, high school teachers as well as undergraduates. Through conducting a survey (with permission from the Office of Management and Budget), STPI found that the program was generally meeting its goals and engaging RPs from diverse background that would not normally have been offered research experiences.