A Study of Facilities and Infrastructure Planning, Prioritization, and Assessment at Federal Security Laboratories (Revised)

February, 2013
IDA document: P-4916
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Type: Documents
Susannah V. Howieson, Vanessa Peña, Stephanie S. Shipp, Kristen A. Koopman, Justin A. Scott, Christopher T. Clavin See more authors
This report explores planning, prioritization, and assessment of facilities and infrastructure (F&I) at a set of Federal laboratories from the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Department of Homeland Security that conduct national security research and development. As the average age of Federal laboratory buildings increases, topping 34 and 57 years at Sandia National Laboratories and the Naval Research Laboratory, respectively, there is concern over the future health and sufficiency of the U.S. national security research enterprise. The study team reviewed relevant government documents; had discussions with F&I staff from laboratories, Federal agencies, and architecture and engineering firms; and convened a workshop with national security and F&I experts. This report identifies a number of barriers, such as the difficulty in capturing the impact of facilities and infrastructure on mission, and strategies, such as engaging in benchmarking or other data sharing activities.