Analyzing the Telecommunications Equipment Sector Using a Qualitative Framework

October, 2014
IDA document: D-5346
Type: Documents
Brian S. Cohen, Nayanee Gupta, Jonathan R. Agr,e Huan Lin Zhang See more authors
The Federal Government is concerned with the weakening of the domestic tele- communications equipment sector and how that weakness can negatively affect economic growth and national security. In particular, three key subsector s have been identified as being at risk: optical core network, router/switch, and wireless equipment suppliers. Researchers for the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI) were tasked to develop a framework that supports government decision makers in evaluating policy options to meet national competitiveness, innovation, and supply -chain security goals for these three critical subsectors. The intent of the framework is to enable the aggregation of various sources of information, including ongoing efforts to model key markets , into a single , consistent view that enables decision makers to better identify effective policy actions . A key hypothesis of this work is that when trends are identified that result in disruptions to an established subsector, opportunities for policies to effect change are increased , thus enabling domestic or favorable suppliers to compete and increase market share. This hypothesis would especially apply to relatively mature and stable markets , such as the telecommunications e quipment industry.