Engagement with the Broader Research Community

The research community at the Center for Communications and Computing is encouraged to maintain connections, where possible, with academic and commercial researchers. There are several opportunities for this kind of collaboration.

Perhaps the most important of these are the summer workshops, which draw academics and others to use a concerted “tiger team” approach to tackling several truly difficult problems each summer. The people invited to these workshops are diverse in many ways: they come from the academic community and other research organizations; there are many levels of experience among the attendees, who range from seasoned researchers, distinguished faculty, graduate students, even occasional undergraduates; the disciplinary backgrounds include mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics, and electrical engineering. In a typical summer, the Center for Communications and Computing hosts well more than a hundred visitors, and the intense and collegial atmosphere is well known.

Engagement with the academic community is also encouraged by inviting academics to visit to give colloquia. There are typically about 100 such talks each year, including distinguished academics from the top universities in the country.

In addition, Center for Communications and Computing researcher staff are invited to give talks at conferences, companies, and academic institutions. These range from talks at major mathematics and computer science conferences to visits to give colloquia at universities and colleges across the country (and beyond).

Finally, the Centers for Communications Research (jointly) and the Center for Computing Science each have a Visiting Committee, consisting of distinguished researchers who are invited to visit to hear about current research developments. These committees visit for three days a year, and also are asked to assess research quality, comment on outside trends, and advise IDA management.